To develop highly effective nutritional supplements and present our products in a fair and useful way. To build strong & long term business relationship extending for years with our customers and business partners.

To provide our customers worldwide with exceptional quality of finished products.

We specialize in the development of new formulations based on natural, clinically effective ingredients.

farVilan is an innovative company wich follows the highest global standards in the field of health.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with the highest business standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and in accordance with the latest European Union law’s.

We are fully committed to improve healthcare through development of wide portfolio of products and partnerships with companies worldwide to introduce our products at their markets.

Our main focus is on developing safe and effective products to meet ever more demanding market needs...


To expand out of the EU borders and to become the leading supplier of food supplements and cosmetics worldwide.

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Zinc contributes to maintenance

of normal serum testosterone concentration.


• We hope that the contents of our website have provided all informations you were looking for.

• If you did not find the right information or just need additional information about the Farvilan's products and the manner of their application, we invite you to confidently contact our advisory team.

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Fearless visionary with zero tolerance for negativity.

Greatest battle is the battle with myself, and I always win.


Diversis ex aliis.


• Farvilan is constantly developing its presence at international markets.

• We invite you to discover how we can build a successful partnership maximizing our mutual values by placing Farvilan' branded products to your market.

• Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our valued partners and provide them with a secure and safe procurement of products at competitive prices.

• We will closely collaborate with you and your team to create a relationship of mutual interest for both parties.

• Looking forward to a positive partnership experiencewith you.


We are open for contacts, business cooperation, partnership and therefore always looking for new ideas, constructive suggestions and new partners.


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